the time has come…


Nervous about getting into drama school?

You have 3 minutes to prove yourself.  A panel of judges you’ve never met are standing between you and your dreams. This is your shot. There’s a lot riding on this.

Are you prepared?


“Ignornace is bliss…’til you get screwed.” -Entrepreneur UJ Ramdas


You have to pick your target schools, find awesome monologues and songs, deal with applications, take big tests, write amazing essays, go on tours…and then of course you have the ACTUAL AUDITION swirling around in your brain.

YOU HAVE WORKED SO HARD throughout high school, it would be a shame to miss out on your dream school because you didn’t give your very best to the college audition and application process.


Hi, I’m Sarah!

When I was your age I was frankly kind of a mess. I didn’t know what I didn’t know.  I didn’t know you could learn to act and sing or get better.  I thought you were good or you weren’t.  I thought it was enough to memorize monologues and then “run them”.  And I certainly didn’t know anything about all the amazing drama programs out there or what I needed to do to get to one of them.  I didn’t have a clue there were actual things I could be doing in high school that would not only further my craft, but put me ahead of the competition.  So you know what?  I didn’t go to drama school.  And while fortunately my training ended up being world-class, I missed out on something.  I created this program so you don’t miss out too.

For over a decade now, I have been arming young actors with the tools they need to rock their college auditions and working as both a professional actor and acting coach in Los Angeles.  My students have gone to the best programs in the country (including Boston Conservatory, NYU, UCLA, USC, Emerson, Boston University, University of the Arts, to name a few) and work in film, television and on the stage.

the college audition program is designed to help you:

    • Do everything humanly possible while still in High School to get ahead
    • Clarify your unique list of target schools so you end up in a program you’ll love
    • Nail the perfect audition material to ensure you blow the auditioners away
    • Feel confident about your abilities throughout the application process
    • Get super organized (like really) so you have more time for the fun stuff and never miss an important deadline.
    • Rehearse like a pro (and take your material from boring to thrilling in moments!)
    • Eliminate your fears of Shakespeare and perform your classical texts with confidence
    • Overwhelm your top choice schools with reasons to accept you when your essay captures and engages
    • Beam with confidence in your interviews
    • Build a strong network of support to help you meet deadlines and take your craft to the next level
    • Navigate financial aid options so money doesn’t stop you from attending the school you dream of
    • Become a stronger actor, singer + overall performer
    • Take control over your future and have fun while you’re at it

Let’s do this!


The College Audition Program is an online course designed especially for actors with college auditions in their future.  This 8-module program delivers step-by-step guidance in all aspects of the process so you can master your time, hone in on your dream schools, find and deliver stellar material, and ultimately get your butt to a great school where you can do what you love all day.

We’ve brought students and educators from great performing art schools in one place to teach you exactly how to get into a stellar program. Our experts come from schools like NYU, Boston Conservatory, CalArts, University of Michigan, SUNY Purchase, Yale School of Drama, DePaul, USC and UCLA (to name a few!)

Dive into master classes with me and mind-blowingly awesome world-renown teachers.  They know their stuff and they don’t hold back.

Get access to all my Custom College Audition Program (CAP) downloadable worksheets, resources, guides (and more!) to help you along the way. Go at your own pace from the privacy of home and unlock the secrets to college audition success in over 80 videos and downloads.

For a full course description, click here

Part 1 - Get Built:  Create a solid foundation in High School

Not only does this training module arm you with a skill-building daily actor workout to sharpen your skills and get you into top performance shape, but you’ll get academic tips and tricks, uncover ways to juggle your crazy life and discover ways to set yourself up to get accepted by the top programs in the country.

Part 2 – Get Clear:  Target schools truly fit for you

Move out of paralyzing fear and into a tingly, action producing vision for your career.  Then, hone in on programs truly in alignment with that vision.  Move out of the “competition mindset” with award-winning author, entertainment industry guru and mindset master Dallas Travers, get into action with powerful guidance from educator and student interviews and let my personal trainings help you identify the schools in alignment with your dreams.

Part 3 – Get Organized: Clarify all the tools you need to apply

Discover my ultimate secret weapon for meeting goals, become the CEO of You, Inc (and mastermind the heck out of your life) and get expert college essay guidance with The Inkwell Coach.  Plus you’ll get DIY headshot tips and tricks, a customized calendar, application organizer and resume building template.

Part 4 – Get Material:  Selecting the perfect monologues + songs

Simplify the process of choosing your monologues with my “5 Dream Selection Questions”, steer clear of the pitfalls with the “4 Hidden Requirements” training, and find out exactly what kind of material college educators want to see in their engaging interviews.  Choose material you really connect with using my Custom CAP list of Favorite Play-Finding Resources and knock your songs and monologues out of the park.

Part 5 – Get Prepped:  The “Date” (and killing that interview)

Ease up a little, your college interview is really just a “date”.  The module will help you be yourself, avoid stock answers and learn what they really want to hear in response to interview questions. Take yourself through a few test runs with my Custom CAP Mock Interview, and discover the most common interview pitfalls and how to avoid them.

Part 6 – Get Rehearsed:  Discover tools to work your material and feel ready for anything

Memorizing and “running” your pieces aren’t going to cut it.  Get acting techniques and tools that guide you step-by-step though your preparation and never simply “run it” again.  Plus, you get to slash any Shakespeare fears with world-renown teachers Louis Fantasia (Huntington, Globe) and Louis Scheeder (NYU), get a killer college audition vocal master class with Gina Latimerlo, discover why the perfect voice isn’t what gets you into school with Shawn Ryan (and what DOES), work with audition-day nerves to ward off  “The Rascal” and lots, lots more!


Part 7 – Get Ready: Find out what to expect audition day

Sidestep potential pitfalls!  Knowing exactly what’s ahead will help put you at ease so you can focus on what you do best.  Real audition stories from students and graduates of top programs in the country will not only excite you, but give you a real lay of the land.  This stuff is gold.

Part 8 – Get Taped:  Embrace the power of the video submission

Make sure your talent is the focus of your tape, not your tech.  More and more schools are doing video prescreen auditions and a few have stopped live auditions altogether and use video only.  In this module, learn lighting, audio and video tips so your performance can really shine.

Marijke Silberman
Student at NYU, Tisch

I just wanted to express my warmest thanks for all your incredible insight and mentorship during my college audition process. I will be attending NYU Tisch in the fall to pursue a BFA in Theater with a directing focus, and am so grateful for all your help which got me there. It was a delight working with you.

Are you kidding me?

there’s even bonuses!?

Bonus Interviews: Full hour with LMU / LA'S Katharine Noon, Professor of Theatre Arts & Dance

Not only does Katharine give you the inside scoop on video submissions (which is LMU’s whole audition process, no live auditions!), but she dives into the unique aspects of the program at Loyola Marymount, selecting audition material and overdone monologues, and preparing technically for your audition.


Study Like a Wizard: Master Class With Actor / Tutor / Study Guru Patrick Quinlan
  • Uncover your own learning style and get specific tips around how best to study for your type.
  • Learn what to do when you fall behind in your schoolwork.
  • Find out how studying for a test is just like memorizing lines.
  • Discover the power of meditation as an invaluable tool for both actors and students.
  • Get more tips around staying organized and prioritizing.
  • Dive in to Patrick’s special resource list for students.

who’s this course for?

well, if you’re a drama geek of any grade in high school and you want to study performing arts after you graduate, you’re pretty much going to eat this up.


You're a freshman or sophomore and you LOVE LOVE LOVE theatre.


You're a junior and ready to create a target list, get to work on material and get this sucker rolling.


You're a senior're mayyybe a little behind.


If you have college auditions anywhere in your future, you kinda need this course.


How long will I have access to this course?

Forever!  Once you have purchased the course, it’s yours and you’ll have lifetime access to all the updates, improvements and add-ons over time.

If I have a question, who should I contact?

If you have a question about how to use or navigate your course, someone from our team will respond to you within 48 hours.


So, here’s the thing: You can still hire me or someone on my team for private coaching and consulting (in-person or via Skype) for around 175/hr depending on the package you select. But if we tried to cover all the content we dive into in this course it would cost you about eight billion dollars.

I wanted to make this (literally!) life-altering information affordable for you because I love actors and I love what I do. I feel so incredibly passionate about getting this juicy info into your hands so you ACTUALLY GET INTO A FABULOUS DRAMA PROGRAM.

The content inside this course should a) be available and b) NOT break the bank.

The truth is:  You need a plan.  

In 2016, Carnegie Mellon’s School of Drama had over 2900 applications.  On average, they admit 12-14 students into musical theater and 14-18 into acting.

SUNY Purchase accepted 3% of applicants that same year.

Most top programs accept less than 8% of the people who apply.

Are you doing everything in your power to set yourself apart?  Are you giving your dream schools every reason in the world to say yes?

Let’s be sure you are.

Check out the pricing below and you’re on your way!


7 DAY guarantee! BOOM!

And if you’re unhappy with your course, just let us know within a week of your purchase and we will happily refund you, no questions asked!





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$252 two-time
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“Every purchase of this program goes to support students from underserved communities to help open doors that may have otherwise been invisible.  The College Audition Program has also teamed up with with Opening Act, a nonprofit that partners with New York City schools with lower than average graduation rates and an evident lack of theater programming.”

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Yeah, what they said!

Sarah’s expertise and loving guidance during the college audition process turned an experience that could have been stressful into one from which I grew as an artist and as a human being. Sarah knows the perfect balance of fun and discipline in training and blends them seamlessly, and now, at my top choice school, I have a work ethic that inspires me to prepare thoroughly so I can be playful in my acting. I’ll always be thankful for Sarah’s mentorship to me as an actor, student, and person.

Jack Petersen
Acting Student at NYU, Tisch

Working with Sarah over Skype was just as helpful as it would have been in person. She helped me select monologues that fit my strengths and we got to dig deep into the characters in order to truly understand the material. Her coaching allowed me to tap into new facets of my acting and physicality, of which I had only scratched the surface. Our preparation for the interview process was instrumental in my auditions, as well. Practicing the possible questions also made me think about why I wanted to go to the schools I applied for.  I’m convinced that the interviews were what got me in. I was also accepted to theatre programs at BU, Chapman University, and NYU

Noah Bender
Student at Emerson College

Without the help of Sarah, I would have been completely lost in the whirlwind that is college auditions. She finds the qualities that make you unique as a performer and helps you find material that will highlight them in the room. Her experience, patience, and inspiring persistence pushed me to my fullest potential and helped me get into five different performing arts programs around the country. I ended up at the University of the Arts in Philadelphia where I am finishing up my third year as a Musical Theatre major. I still use Sarah’s lessons and techniques to this day, three years later. It goes to prove that she not only jump-started my acting career by helping me get into a great program, but her lessons are invaluable even beyond the college audition process and I will always carry them with me.

Savannah Souza
Student at University of the Arts


get with the program
$450 one-time
Full Details
payment plan
$252 two-time
Enroll with a payment plan!
Full Details

“Every purchase of this program goes to support students from underserved communities to help open doors that may have otherwise been invisible.  The College Audition Program has also teamed up with with Opening Act, a nonprofit that partners with New York City schools with lower than average graduation rates and an evident lack of theater programming.”

Questions?  No problem!  Click HERE to go to the contact page