3 Things Stopping You From 

getting into drama school

A free online class that could reinvent your future

Wednesday, June 13th – 7pm PST

dreaming of…


Most top drama programs in the country take less than 8 percent of applicants.

Let’s make sure you don’t make the mistakes of those other 92 percent.

Join me, Sarah Gaboury (LA based acting coach and creator of The College Audition Program) and Bonnie J. Wallace (consultant, author, speaker) on Wednesday, June 13th for Three Things Stopping You From Getting Into Drama School, a totally free online class that could save you from the disappointment of missing out on your dream.

You have worked too hard for too long.  Don’t throw it all away at the finish line.

Trust us, you definitely do not want to miss this. 

“Ignornace is bliss…’til you get screwed.” 

~Entrepreneur UJ Ramdas